Thursday, May 31, 2012

East Bay Heritage Quilters

Workshop In Progress

Two weekends ago I lead a workshop in Oakland, CA for the East Bay Heritage Quilters.  The workshop was Discovering Your Shape Vocabulary and this group really put in effort toward starting that exploration.  I think you can see from the photo that there was great intensity in the classroom.  In addition, on the last day I presented my lecture, Self Critique, which was well received.

This guild is well established and has a large membership.  It is also a very active group sponsoring a long series of workshops throughout the year as well as on-going projects such as comfort quilts and  auctions which supports their activities.  I saw the huge "store" of fabrics which are collected to be turned into kits which the members sew into quilts for donation and the stash was impressive.  I'd also like to say that the effort it takes to prepare those kits is impressive but happily given.

I want to thank the officers and members of this guild for the wonderful planning and execution of this event.  Thank you Pam Jensen for the excellent communication of the numerous details for the workshop.  Thank you Deanna Davis for opening your home to me.  You were a great hostess and I felt right at home.  Thank you Cindy Cossen and Suzanne Williams for your handling of the workshop details.  It was very well organized.  Thank you Karrie Hanson and Rachel for hostessing me Sunday.  I really enjoyed the Museum and seeing more of San Francisco.  Thank you Anne Johnson for being my taxi to the workshop on Saturday.  Thank you also to Valerie Eaton for shipping my work back to SC.  

A special thanks to area artists who I have met the past few years who came to hear my lecture.  I really appreciated your special effort to be there.  And a huge thank you to the participants of the workshop.  You did a great job and were fun to be with!

After the workshop I headed down to Southern California to visit with my son and his wife.  More about that later.

***To see the work of one class participant, go to :

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  1. Many thanks to you for a terrific workshop. I've posted about day one. The organic ones are still taking shape.

    1. Thank you Ellen! I really enjoyed meeting and working with you and the group. Will check out your post.