Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Studio 225

My husband and I live in a small college community in a wonderful old cottage style house. Our house number is 225. The main floor has high ceilings and generous sized rooms. The most difficult part of the style is that there are very few walls without large windows, doors or fireplaces. We both make art and even though we each have studio space in this house we needed a different type of space for certain processes. Tom, my husband, found wonderful plans for a garage which just fit into the space behind our house and the service street which runs behind us. Because it is a garage, the types of oversight that was required was less strict and it has a wonderful garage door for moving large objects in and out. Tom , with very little help, built the structure over about 10 months and it is wonderful. No more pots of dye everywhere in the kitchen or the splatters and stains that go with that. I have a place to do all sorts of wet work and even enough room to have another person work along with me. Tom can build stretcher strips and frames without getting rained on. Amazing.

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  1. You are so lucky. It looks great. I look forward to pix of you working in the new space.