Monday, April 6, 2009

Work Table Magic

Having the right furniture, equipment and tools for a working studio is "Magic". I work in three separate studio spaces, two of which are in my home and one is in a studio building which my husband who is also an artist, build for us about a year ago. We are still in that mode of getting settled and comfortable and yesterday we added a wonderful new 4' x 8' work table so that I can better work on a series of wall pieces which are all roughly 7+ feet square. Prior to this I would have been trying to square up my finished work on a 6' x 30" table which is very difficult at best. I use one of my spaces for my mid-arm sewing machine and frame and the other space is where I cut, piece and construct my textile pieces. I spend a great deal of time in one studio space or another and if I am not there you can be sure I am thinking of my studio and what I will be doing there soon.

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