Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekly Textile Construction #6

After the completion of the 5th week of experimentation, I decided to put some of what I had learned into action and make some pieces using my new information. This is what I referred to earlier as "working with intention".

The elements from the first studies that I choose to work with are:

1. Activated dye in print paste applied from a needle point bottle.

2. Scraping of applied dye as desired.

3. Discharge using Soft Scrub with bleach. Applying and scraping as done with dye.

I choose to work in a very straight forward way using Scarlet, Sun yellow and black dye (don't remember which one). I had a wonderful experience in the studio experimenting with this and after processing and curing the fabric I selected one piece of fabric that was approximately 18" x 24".

This is the piece I selected. I have been trying to work in a 12" x 12" format but I have decided that in some cases that is an arbitrary size and from this point forward I will choose to make the piece the size it needs to be but I will keep it small. I decided on the area I wanted to use in the piece, cut that from the fabric leaving myself some extra and then applied heavy stitching.

I used multi-colored rayon thread in several colorways. The stitching creates a wonderful texture and integrates the colors.

Previously I have finished the piece with just a zig-zag stitch but I decided to put a facing on this one as I haven't been so pleased with the zig-zag. The piece finished out to 14" x 14".

I am excited about the possibilities with this process and have several other pieces ready to take into completion so you will be seeing more work of this type. Yesterday I dyed the backing for a very large piece so I did it in the washing machine. While I sat there turning my machine on and off I re-read Ann Johnston's book Color by Design. Lots of interesting things to think about.


  1. Thank you Kay. Surface design is something that I have wanted to explore for sometime and this is the perfect project for that. I can't wait to get back in my "wet" studio to do the next piece. Terry

  2. Terry, you've got such a great color sense!

  3. Many thanks for your comment! I love color and feel very comfortable with it when working in my "usual" way but this is a whole new kettle of fish so there is going to be some trial and error.

  4. So awesome! I really like your work.

  5. I appreciate that so much as I know your blog and think you do a super job.