Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Textile Construction #7

I have to begin by telling you that I either lost some photographs or never took some photographs (I'm not sure which) of this weeks TC before I added the quilting. I made a trip to Athens, Ohio last weekend to attend the opening of Quilt National and it was the usual mad house trying to prepare to go and that is when I lost track of those images. ( QN is an excellent show this year and I will be doing an Artist Profile on Kathy Loomis which will be posted on Monday. Kathy won the Japan Prize this year and I am very excited for her.)

So, TC #7. I'll be glad when I am at least in double digits. That will feel more substantial. I am, however, very excited about #7 and the direction this work is taking me. I have used the same process as described for TC #6 except after I applied Soft Scrub Discharge, I went back in and added some darker highlights using MX Procion Dye Havana Brown from Pro Chem mixed with print paste and applied SS discharge again. The additional highlights were added using a brush and you can see some of those brush marks in the picture.

So the Steps were:

1. Applied activated procion mx dye to fabric and scraped.

2. Allowed to cure overnight. Washed and dried.

3. Applied SS discharge. Washed, soaked in anti-chlor, washed again and dried.

4. Applied dark highlights. Cured,washed and dried.

5. Quilted, faced and ironed.

The original piece of fabric was approximately 24" square and I isolated a 15 " square which I cut out to quilt. After quilting I decided to add a facing as I did in TC #6. I use a facing technique that is something like what I believe people call a "pillow facing". I lay the quilted piece face down on a second piece of fabric, sew all 4 sides etc. I will do a post on this very soon as pictures will be better than words alone. I have a few large projects going on right now but as soon as they are complete I intend to make a larger piece utilizing the process I have been developing.

A note of thanks to the people who have been following and reading this blog. I appreciate your time and your comments. Please invite your friends to join the party.


  1. I really admire your committment to process, Terry. Also, love the results!

  2. Thank you very much. I am enjoying the push of a weekly study and astounded at the impact this is having on my thinking. Without the commitment of doing a weekly small piece has been too easy to just keep moving ahead but not exploring as much as I needed to and actually wanted to do. I appreciate your response!

  3. Hi Terry, I love the movement in this piece. Between that the depth, it really keeps the eye entertained in a pleasing way.

  4. So glad to like. That's an interesting comment as I want to take these larger and that is a concern I have, how to keep it interesting.

  5. Intended to say. So glad you like. Perhaps I need typing instruction;)