Friday, September 25, 2009

Grid and Video Update and First Dying Day of Autumn

Here is our updated Compositional Conversation Video and Grid. These take us through Stage Seven. Hope you enjoy seeing the changes.

Compositional Conversation Grid

Just in case you are wondering why I a blank box in the grid, the blogger software is so weird that this was the only way I could get them anywhere close to lined up with one another and the same size . Maybe I'll figure another way later on.

Trip to Athens

Outdoor Studio

I had the pleasure this week of joining Elizabeth Barton and two of her friends, Deb and Cleo, for the 'First Dying Day' of Autumn. We gathered at Elizabeth's Athens, Ga. studio and explored dye and soy wax, looked at some work, had a nice lunch, dyed some more and generally had a fun day.

Here are some images of the fabric I made. I had mixed some very "stiff" dye concentrates but the dye was old so some of the results were less than hoped for. Deb, had contributed a number of her special, never to be repeated, concentrates as well as the soy wax. Thank you Deb. I had tried soy wax before but it had been very difficult to remove. After working with the wax Deb supplied, I am convinced my wax was not pure soy. This soy wax came out with little processing and still provided a good resist.

I love these two pieces and will make be combined to start a new work. I do see more dye and possibly some discharge in their future.

Just to show a little more detail. Wonderful marking. I did them experimentally but I know how I did this and will definitely try it again.

Several of the multicolored pieces will need to be over-dyed as the color is weak but they will make very nice base fabrics.

Hope to see you on Monday for Compositional Conversation.

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  1. I really love the grid, Terry, and thank you for posting it.
    Looks like you had a very fun "dying day" with some great results. Lots of possibilities! Haven't tried soy myself, but have read a lot about it, and great to see some of what you can do.