Friday, October 30, 2009

DeCamp Workshop: Ask What If?

Design walls of Bev Kondolf and Linda Bachman

One of the best things about attending a workshop is all the wonderful people you meet and get to know. This summer I went to Quilting by the Lake in New York state. Before going to the event, I received an email from my friend Marcia DeCamp (who I know through workshops with Nancy Crow at her Barn in Ohio) telling me that two of her friends would be in the class I was taking.

The friends were Pat Pauly and Nancy Hicks and we had a great experience as we studied with Dorothy Caldwell about the Expressive Stitch. During the week I shared with them my upcoming workshop at the Crow Timberframe Barn entitled: "AskWhat If?: Building Pathways to Creative Work". I told them about some of my ideas resulting in an invitation to come to their area to do a workshop at the beautiful new studio of Marcia DeCamp.

Bill and Marcia DeCamp with inset of Suki, their gorgeous kitty.

The basic concept for the workshop has been developed to help beginners and intermediate students learn how to develop new ideas, get started on ideas and begin to understand basic elements and principles of design. Often, artists get stuck waiting for 'the big idea'. You can sometimes end up waiting a long time. My philosophy is to get in there and find the idea if 'it' isn't coming to you.

My background is an art background and I have studied and taught design so we used some traditional approaches to exploring some design elements and then we began working them into fabric.

To my delight, everyone in the class jumped right in and everyone had one or more successful pieces and I hope to see some of them taken to completion. We worked from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a short lunch break so we had lots of material to cover in 6 hours which did not allow completion of all of our exercises.

Here are some images from the week. Thanks to all of you for your participation and to Bill and Marcia for sharing their home with me and their friends.

Barb Seils working on last composition.

Barb's experimental piece using line work.

Bev Kondolf's design wall with some experiments using line and shape.

Bev's paper exploration of line and shape.

Jeanne Simpson's 12 x 12 line into shape studies.

Jeanne created this nice piece with fabric.

Two 12 x 12 studies by Linda Bachman

Linda created this beautiful element as part of a larger composition.

Marcia and Priscilla talk about one of Marcia's works. Marcia loves southwest design and it's coming through in this piece.

Four studies by Marcia.

Nancy Hicks working hard on her very nice shape study.

Nancy's shape composition.

Twelve paper studies exploring the concept of opposition by Pat Pauly.

Line and shape work by Pat Pauly.

Two interesting line studies by Priscilla Kibbee. I especially love the one on the left.

Priscilla contemplating one of the many elements she is using in her last composition.

I love seeing what people do with the exercises I present.

Bev (L) and Barb (R) working at the design wall. The piece between them belongs to Linda.

An overview of part of the studio.

SHOW AND TELL GROUP: Left to Right: Debra Roach, Joyce Martelli, Carol Taylor, Barb Seils, Liz Cocuzzi (in front) Anne Fischer and Marcia DeCamp.

On Wednesday evening Marcia and I joined a Show and Tell group at the studio of Carol Taylor. Thank you to the group for allowing me to join in. We went around the room talking about our activities and showing a few pieces of current work. Very nice evening.

One final BIG thank you to all who participated in this workshop. I learned so much from working with you and I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with other groups in the future.


  1. This looks like a great class, Terry, thanks for sharing the photos (and to the participants for allowing us to see their work...and them!)

    I had the pleasure of meeting Marcia while I lived in NY and she is terrific. What a wonderful studio she has!

  2. wow! thanks for sharing your class experience - it looks like it was a super fun and interesting time!

  3. Looks like a really good workshop, Terry. Tempting! One of these days I need to give myself time to take a class instead of giving one.