Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut....

You are likely familiar with the advertising slogan used in connection with Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars, "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't". Well, today I "feel like a nut".

"Why?", you might be asking. Well, I had a piece of my artwork accepted by Quilt Visions: Interpretations in San Diego and as part of that show the group issued an invitation to submit one 12" x 12" piece of work in Black and White. A group show will be selected from the work submitted based on what work makes a cohesive collection and the other work will be placed for sale in the sales shop. Each work will be for sale at the same price of $250 so hopefully many pieces will be sold. Great idea. As it happened, I had just dye painted several pieces of fabric with black on white so I selected one of those fabrics and executed a very nice little work which I hand stitched with several different threads, faced the work, added a sleeve, packaged and sent the little fellow off to the show. For those of you who enter and submit work to shows: do you see anything missing in this list? This is where "feel like a nut comes in". I failed to photograph the work so I can't show you this Weekly Textile Construction #26 or even have any sort of visual record of the piece if it is sold.

So here is the best I can do. I took a shot of the part of the fabric I didn't use in TC #26. At least it will serve as a reminder to slow down....Focus Terry! Focus.

Remains of fabric from which I made "Study in Black and White".


  1. gee Terry, i feel really nutty as i forgot to mail the black and white piece to the show. i will have to check the calendar as i may have missed the mark all together. someone told me i have ASS disease--attention surplus syndrome. i think it fits as i want to so much

  2. You still have time! Drop that puppy into an express delivery box and let it fly to San Diego. Actually, this isn't the only thing which has fallen through the cracks lately but my calender is opening up and that will help. As for you....get to it girl!