Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Work by Tom Dimond

As promised earlier this week, today I am posting some shots of work by members of my class with Fran Skiles at the Crow Barn last week. The workshop was about Collage on Paper using the many techniques Fran has developed during her years working with this process.

The class format was that Fran gave demonstrations everyday along with a list of techniques for us to use. Those of us who had not studied with Fran previously, simply had to trust the process and trust Fran as we worked through the many stages of development. The work that is pictured here was presented the last day of class. Some of the work is complete and some is not. Many of the artist did much more work than is represented in these photographs.

My apologies toTeri Sager and Ivana Oblonsky Thomas. I was unable to open the images I shot of their work but both created beautiful work and I'm still hoping someone else from the class may yet send me a photo of their pieces.

Work by Tom Dimond

Work by Tom Dimond

Work by Mary Sawabini.

Work by Margo van Strien.

Work by Jeanie Auseon.

Work by Jayne Willoughby Scott.

Work by Jan Vinnai.

Work by Cynthia Sterling.

Work by Annette Ayre.

Work by Ann Moneypenny.

Work by Diane Bennett.

Work by Diane Bennett.

Work by Terry Jarrard-Dimond.

Monday we will return to Compositional Conversation and the work of Gayle Vickery Prichard.


  1. Fran's classes are a leap of faith, but what fun once you jump in feet first. Great work! And nice to see Margo's work

  2. I really enjoyed Margo and she had a very unique approach to her work.

  3. This looks like a great class. There are some nice pieces in here, I agree with Mary Ann about Margo's work, very nice. And Terry, yours and Tom's are both very bold with Tom adding a contrast of elements and yours with good tight movement. Thanks to the artists for allowing you to share everyone's work with us. I'd love to take Fran's class again in Nancy's barn with all that space.