Sunday, October 11, 2009


Big Red X 2....collage by Terry Jarrard-Dimond

A big hello to everyone. Tom and I returned yesterday from the Crow Barn after a fantastic workshop with Fran Skiles. The workshop featured Fran's processes relating to collage on paper and it was an exceptional week with a wonderful artist, workshop participants and facitities.

Just a note to followers of Compositional Conversation. I will have an update on our project next Monday so please check back then to see what Gayle Vickery Prichard has added to the conversation.

Today I am going to share some photographs of works in progress from the workshop and later in the week I will share images of some of the final (thought perhaps not completed) work. I realized very quickly that my idea of collage was very limited as I have not worked in this way since college. Fran has developed some very interesting process and I loved the low tec way many of these process are handled. It is very immediate and spontaneous and since I did not have any preconceived ideas about how the images would develop, I was able to trust her process and let the work develop as we moved along.

Tom and Mary observing Fran as she demostrates monoprint process.

Fran Skiles doing a demo. Notice the intensity of Annette and Jayne.

Tom Dimond working on a new canvas with some hand stitching.

Here I am sewing together a few zerox images with the machine. Pursing my lips helps me to focus.

Tom is adding some black gesso to a composition he has started.

Mono printed Chinese paper.

First layer of color on Masa Paper.

Jayne Willoughby Scott pulls a pellon print.

This is a shot of Big Red x 2 on the worktable. I hope neatness doesn't count because I certainly have a mess on the table. The collage turned out to be one of my better efforts.

Here are a few of my pieces in progress.

Later in the week I will be showing some examples of final work by members of the class as well as some of mine. Hope you see you then.


  1. Wow. Lots of creative energy in these photos. Hope you and Tom had a great experience at the Crow Barn. Do you think this process would translate to thickened dye on fabric? I'll be interested to see if any of these concepts pop up in your own work.

  2. Hi Leslie, The workshop was fantastic. I think some of the ideas will translate into fabric if not the actual process. We will see. Tom had a great experience and felt Fran was an excellent teacher.

  3. Terry, I love "Big Red" and those pieces in progress are wonderful (and look finished).

  4. Thank you Ian. I will be posting more results in a day or so. Some of what is pictured her was covered by additional layers so they went bye bye. I had to trust the process because I really did not understand how some of the layers would work but having said that, I was pleased with the results.