Saturday, April 3, 2010

SAQA Auction

Study In Black and White
12" x 12" - Dye Painted with Hand Stitching
I have only been a member of the Studio Art Quilt Association for about a year and confess I haven't been active. I do think they do an excellent job to promote our work and I made the decision to donate a piece to the auction this year.

This piece is entitled Study In Black and White and is a work I have shown on my blog before. The piece is dye painted and has heavy hand stitching with several different thread types.

If you are interested in bidding on the work, here is a link to the auction site: Here

If my piece isn't of interest you may find work by another artist you like and the money goes to SAQA events.


  1. Thank you ever so much! I loved doing this little piece and hope to do more at some point. A real departure for me. Happy Easter!

  2. I am tempted to add this to my growing collection of SAQA auction quilts.

  3. Thank you Gerrie. That is a very nice compliment. I hope someone buys it and loves it.

  4. Excellent piece! I love the stitching on the abstract shapes.

  5. Thanks Nancy! This was an interesting piece to work on as I usually have so much color.