Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deconstructed Screen Prints

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Last Sunday I drove down to Athens, Ga. and spent the day with Elizabeth Barton learning something about deconstructed screen printing. Today as I pulled a few shots of my efforts onto my MacBook I saw the slideshow option and decided to put the pictures in that format.

The results of my experiments are modest but I learned a good deal. In order to bring the fabric home on Sunday I rolled them up while they were very wet and they bleed a good deal.

What you are seeing:

1. A yellow and black print where I attempted to pickup the texture of a woven plastic onion bag. There is a second image of this at the end which has been washed. It held the color very nicely.

2. The drop cloth from under several prints. The color here is very strong....go figure.

3. Several versions of the 4 unit spiral before washing and then there are some of this screen after washing later on.

4. Green and yellow print again trying to pickup texture from the onion bag.

I think the most important points I gathered from this day in the studio were:

1. Let the prints dry out before covering. I never understood just exactly what that ment. The work really needs to feel dry to the touch.

2. Use a screen that is the correct mesh such as 10xx or 12xx (you should verify this information) I tried printing from a screen that was too dense and it was a total waste.

3. Don't put the thicken dye on too heavy. I made this mistake on the dense screen so I had a double bad whammy and it was a waste of effort. The prints are very sketchy. I haven't washed them as yet so they are not pictured.

I have no idea as to how I might use this fabric or if I will use this fabric. I was simply experimenting to learn the technique. When I see a need for this process I hope to be able to use it successfully as I love working with the screens and dye and I will be trying again.

Thank you for dropping by and I love hearing from you.


  1. Bravo on the addition of e-media on your blog. The images work well with the music and as I read your description of the process and your analysis, I felt a very upbeat mood. I hope you get to use this process soon. The images have a very strong textural quality. It will be interesting to see how you would use this. Thanks for the post.

  2. I really love the yellow and black print. This is on my list of things to do and I never seem to have time to do it.

  3. Thank you Tom and Gerrie. Sorry guys, I had to say that.

    This really is a fun technique and very unlike what I have been doing so I will have to find my way. I seem to want to do loose patterns but we'll see where it leads.

    The slide show was super fun but I don't know if I would have figured it out witout the kind assistant of Tom 'The Man' Dimond.

  4. sadly it don't work on my little mac...i'll try the big pc next! glad you had fun though!! I'll put up mine when I wash them out..of course you know me I have this thing about waiting a week for them to mature before washing!! Americans just wash too d often!!! :)

  5. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go wash right now!;))

  6. These are very neat, Terry. I still need to find a way to fit DSP pieces into my work, as well. I don't do it often because I find it very labor intensive for so little output. I know, slow cloth is good cloth, and I agree... I just wish I could produce a little more work for the energy output!

  7. I understand what you are saying. I do see now that once you understand the process you can have the components on hand and it really doesn't take too long to print off one screen at a time. I think this will have to be my approach for now.

  8. I think your circles are wonderful, they remind me of the art of Pacita Abad.

  9. Thank you Karen. I looked up the work of Abad and I love it. The screen printing has been very interesting for me as it is bringing out an entirely different side of my art vision.

  10. Love the presentation. Samples are great. I have done this but not for awhile now. Makes me want to do some more....

  11. Thank you Diana! The more of the printing I do (still very little) the more I want to do. Using the slide program was also fun. Thank you for visiting and commenting.