Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fiberart International 2010

I received the catalog for the Fiberart International 2010 last week. I knew I likely would not see the show in person so I decided to spring for the catalog.

I don't have permission to post any photos so this will be a rare photoless article.

There are some wonderful pieces and some not so wonderful pieces in the exhibition. It is because of the "not so wonderful" pieces that I am taking time to write about the show.

I appreciate the format of Fiberart International, a show that is broad in scope and seeks the new, the different, the conceptual, the out in left-field, the adventurous, the tour-de-force, the craftless, the elegant, the quirky, the sublime, the outstanding, the large and small, the enduring, the passing fancy, the local and the international etc. Each of these works has something to say even if we don't like the package.

Fiberart International opens the doors a little wider for all artists working with fiber and encourages us to breath deep and dig deep in our studios. It also gives us cause to believe that there is someone "out there" who will show work which is drawn outside the lines and that there is an audience for such work.

Congratulations to all the participants. Thank you for sharing.


  1. I'm going in July w/friends. Can't wait to see the work in person. Thanks for writing about this show.
    p.s. whenever we go to the FI exhibit in Pittsburgh, we also stop at Dozen cupcake shop!

  2. Sounds like fun Christine. Would you please pickup a Baker's Dozen for me and I do hope you will comment on what you see. xxoo

  3. It is good that Fiberart international exists as a show, and I wish there were another such show. However it's always disappointing to see prizes given to work that is obvious, trite and been done and overdone before. That said, this is their nicest catalogue yet!

  4. I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I always wish I could be a fly on the wall to see/hear the jury.