Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lamination Completed

Abandoned - Terry Jarrard-Dimond
Acrylic Paint, Polyester Fabric, Mixed Papers

This is the completed version of my lamination experiment which I presented recently. I am surprised and happy with the results and will try to follow this process again to see what happens.

After I posted the first article, I decided to burn out most of the areas where the polyester fabric was exposed. This resulted in uneven edges and a somewhat open structure. The remaining fabric/acrylic curl-up and I then knew I would need to attach it to a substrate of some type.

Unfinished paper collage

Looking around in my studio for a solution I found some of the unfinished work I did in the Fran Skiles Workshop I attended last fall. I realized that the color, especially around the outer edges, was similiar to the color in my lamination and decided to use the collage as a support surface. I attached the lamination a little off-center and down which shows more of the collage on the top edge and right side.

Detail 1

The dark area at the bottom has had the exposed fabric removed. The white areas at the top are the fabric. I am very interested in the scuffed/worn appearence of the surface.

Detail 2

In this detail you can clearly see the texture of the surface. I attached the lamination to the paper with acrylic medium.

Detail 3

You can see bits of the imagery from the paper collage through the holes of the lamination.

Detail 4

This is a detail of the bottom right corner.

After the two layers were attached and dry I applied 2 layers of satin acrylic medium. The piece looks like a chunck of the wall of an abandoned building. For me the process is an amalgimation of some of the work we did in Fran's class, some of the processes we did in the Golden Acrylic Workshop I attended and lamination processes.

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  1. This is so complex and beautiful. It is showing on digital similar to encaustic technique. Thanks (again) for sharing. Diana A.

  2. Thank you Diana! I love encaustic so your comment is much appreciated. I considered the idea of applying more layers of the acrylic medium for the finished surface but decided to wait to see how I feel about the piece in a few weeks. I shot the pictures under very bright spot lights with my point and shoot camera resulting in the color not looking as deep or rich as they really are.

  3. This looks very juicy. I love it that you were able to add the collage elemants with some strong marks peeking through. How will you hang this? Under glass?

  4. You works amaze me because I am definitely in love with this process. Awesome energies and the textures draw you inside and want to take a closer look. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Hi Leslie and Mary Helen! Great to hear from both of you. Leslie, I haven't made the decision as how I will finish the piece...I may mat and frame or I may attach to a stretched canvas. I'm still thinking about that.

    Mary Helen thank you for the support. I am anxious to put this new information to work again. My best to you. Terry

  6. Hi Terry, one of the many things I admire about you is that you are continuously launching explorations in new directions. These textural, complex, layered surfaces are very different from the color fields and large shape pieces that have made you so very successful. I love love love this fertile experimentation and the directions it is taking you. Carpe diem!

  7. Thank you Jeanne! I love to learn new things and I will always be hunting down ideas. Thank you for your enthuastic support!!