Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stationary Nomads On the Move....Part 2

Here comes the sun.

The Stationary Nomads are still stationary but the refurbishing of my old studio room continues. You can see that all of the furniture other than this work table was removed. Cracks in the plaster have been repaired and sanded multiple times. Missing pieces of molding have been replaced and there has been lots of caulking applied. Yesterday we took down the lighting fixtures and today Tom will caulk the screw holes from that.

I thought there was a door here.

One of the big changes we are making is the removal of the doorway next to the fireplace. This door connected the front room to this middle room but we felt we needed the wall space more than the door so it has been covered. Because there is a brick chimney in that wall, there was a space between this door and the door in the next room and I'm going to make this passage into a closet for the front room. In the picture you can just see a set of doors on the right of the mantel. This is a tiny closet, one of only 2 built-in closets in this house. Free standing clothes closets were the fashion years ago. Certainly makes you understand all those attics full of stuff you read about from times past. While the room is a generous size, arranging furniture can be a real puzzle. In this room there were 3 doorways, 1 closet, a fireplace, two over sized windows and a heat panel running up one wall to the upstairs. OK. Now arrange a bed, 2 nightstands, 2 chest of drawers and a freestanding closet....I dare you. Just kidding. It can be done but it isn't simple.

We've purchased our paint....on sell by chance.... and we're hoping to start that adventure today or tomorrow.

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  1. You've inspired me to consider changes in my own household. Soon I'll join the ranks of stationary nomads.

    Smart move taking out that door. By the way, fireplace in the bedroom is very romantic!

  2. That's great! I couldn't believe we had never thought to close off that door before! Oh well....

    Happy to inspire changes at your place.

  3. Looking good.
    I feel your architectural pain. I have an 8 x 10 room with two doors/doorways, two undoored openings to other rooms, a window, a radiator, and an architectural outbump that houses a useless closet. And every one of those doors and the window sports a different style of molding.

  4. Looking good! Totally understand the closet issue. We have only 1 on each floor. When I was in Germany they had none. I'm making progress in my little neck of the woods too!

  5. Maybe closets aren't popular worldwide. Interesting.

    Look forward to hearing what you're up to!