Friday, November 11, 2011

Dots Return and Find True Love

Blue and Yellow with Dots

It's hard to believe but this piece, or at least part of this piece, has been floating around my studio for more than 18 months. I first wrote about the yellow side side of this diptych Here and Here.

I loved the yellow tinged with orange and the way the black dots floated on the surface. I added bits of the same fabric cut into squares as well as randomly cut bits of black fabric which I hand-stitched with rice stitching. The effect of the combination of those elements is very rich however I felt it needed a second panel to make the composition work. I tried a number of approaches to creating that panel including a canvas panel with painted elements in a variety of sizes and a solid fabric with stitched bits but it just wasn't working. I introduced the Yellow fabric to every piece of fabric I had but no matches resulted. I put the yellow piece aside.

As time moved on the yellow piece would surface and I'd study it again, my desire to pair it with a good mate still strong. I sound like a marriage broker. Actually it is similar in that I had one wonderful element(a girl) that wanted to be in a long-term relationship with another element(a boy).

Prince Charming

Prince Charming finally arrived in the form of a hand-dyed piece of fabric on which I had painted dots, discharged dots, discharged a connecting line and re-applied dots with a type of ink made for graffiti artists. (Isn't that funny. Graffiti go out and buy special art supplies so they can put their art on other people's property.) ((By the way, the ink worked nicely but I'm not sure that one day these black dots won't just fall off or eat holes in the fabric.))

So, one day as I was sorting some fabric I found the blue piece and put it next to the yellow piece and it was Kismet! They belonged together and I proceeded to invest in another round of rice stitching. It's a lovely little piece and I wish them a long and happy relationship.

So what did I learn? Sometimes you just have to wait for the right answer to appear....but it helps to have some awareness that you are still asking the question.

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  1. Looks like a swell couple. For me the piece evokes a a sense of a written secret-code text that has been redacted. Alternatively, it evokes paint peeling and chipping off a black substrate. Either way, I applaud you and adore this piece.

  2. Thank you Christine! I love the word REDACTED!!!! Yes. I'm noting that. I want to "grow" this one. xo, T

  3. beautiful! I've liked the yellow one all this while and knew you would figure out the answer eventually.

    what are the dimensions?

  4. Thank you Kathy. The piece is 24"w x 14" h. I wish it was 96" w x 48" H. Maybe Santa will bring me a magic wand.

  5. Love love love this piece. And a great example of the power of vibrant colors. What works for me is your restraint.You really only used 3 colors- white does not count- but you have a bolder statement than someone using 100 colors.The graphic designer in me wants to shout Hurray!

  6. These pieces are wonderful Terry - and I love the detail shot.

    thanks for posting!! ian

  7. Thank you Judy and Ian! I have this little piece hanging on my design wall and it speaks to me daily. It is saying, "Hey, remember me. I want to play!"

    I loved hearing from you both.

  8. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch... beautifully done.

    I especially love how your stitching
    changes everything. It reminds me of a prepared slide under the microscope how things move and shape shift.

  9. You have a great voice! Thank you for your thoughts. The surface elements are very lively as are the stitches, but the stitches hold things together both literally and figuratively.

    Love having you drop by.