Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pressing Matters

Kalorik Steam Ironing Station

For someone who has never liked to iron I sure have spent a lot of time and money on ironing since I began to work with fabric. During the past 10 years I've purchased two Rowenta irons, one Panosonic cordless iron, one $12 iron (the brand escapes me) and now I have a Kalorik Steam Ironing Station.

Just so you know, I'm not being paid to promote anything. I just want to share my experience.

The Rowenta has the reputation of being "the best". That has not been my experience. The first one I owned fell apart piece by piece until it wasn't safe to use and the second one burned up from the inside out! Both went into the trash. The $12 iron is doing it's job as I purchased it to iron out wax. It gets hot and does the job. If it dies it isn't a tragedy but it is not powerful enough to iron my hand dyed fabrics.

The Panasonic cordless iron has been good and I enjoyed not having to fool with the cord but the power/temperature button combination is one of those plastic deals that you press and it has become undependable.

I also have a non-steam iron that is at least 40 years old! It's great but I wanted a good steam iron. This summer one of my workshop students brought a steam iron system to class and she expressed how much she liked it. It was a Rowenta. I kept thinking about that iron and wrote my student and ask a few questions. She gave me lots of great information including a list of a few features she wished her iron had. As I researched the Rowenta I found that there was a model that had the features she listed but the price tag was more than I was willing to pay.

I began to research ironing systems and one day a cute, fat, PINK Kalorik iron showed up in the Google search. This was funny because just that week my sister has been telling me that Kalorik made pink kitchen appliances in the 1950's. In truth I was unaware that the brand was still around.

As I read the description of this ironing system I found that it had all the features my friend had mentioned and it costs less than the lower-end Rowenta. I decided to try it and so far I am very impressed. So what do I like:

It heats up very in 2 minutes from scratch.

The water tank can be refilled without waiting for the iron to cool down. When it gets low you can simply refill.

The water tank holds a lot of water.

The angle of the bed that the iron sits on can be adjusted.

You use tap water.

Lots of steam vents on iron.

The steam control is easy to use. It can be a shot of steam or continuous.

The electric cord and the steam hose are nice and long.

It's PINK!

I have heard a couple of people say they don't like using steam irons for fear of water spots. I have to say that this is the driest steam I have ever had from an iron. As long as you have it set at the correct temperature there isn't any dripping.

I have high hopes that this iron will have a nice long productive life. I ordered it from Sear's online but it is available from other places.

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  1. Thanks for the great iron review! I am in the market for a new one, and have had very similar experiences with Rowentas in my past. I may have to check this one out - although pink is not my favorite color!

  2. Hi Judy! This one bears investigation. I always worry about "recommending" some as I know things can go wrong but so far my iron has been a real value and fun.

    If you saw me on a day to day basis you would be surprised I like pink. It's mostly black black black;-)

  3. Will you please post about it again in a few months and let us know if you are still happy with it? It sounds promising!

  4. I am on the prowl for a new iron. Will be interested to learn more as you share (and you will right?) your impressions after some use.

    It looks grand!

  5. Yes, I will update you on how this iron performs. Please remind me if you are ready to make a purchase and I haven't updated. I'm using it right now and I have pressed a large new work, the backing and now the batting and it's puffing right along.....sort of like a little steam engine....well in a way I suppose it is just that.

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Could you say something about the ironing "station"? The photos show the model with the station, but your post speaks only of the iron, including filling it when hot. What makes the station worth the extra money? Thanks!

  7. Hi Terry, I did a search and found a few different models that are called the "Kalorik Steam Ironing Station" system...which do you have?
    Thanks, Aryana

  8. Hi Aryana, The model I have is SIS-32968. This number is not actually on the system but sales sites should have the number listed. I have seen the iron listed from around $115 to $135.

    Best, Terry

  9. Hi Terry,
    Thanks! That's less than my Rowenta which I had to replace after barely a year; I was able to exchange it w/receipt but I could always use another solid unit.

  10. I, too, am not usually in the habit of giving product testimonials, but I got a Reliable "digital Velocity" steam iron a couple of months ago and am still very happy with it. Like Terry, I learned about this from someone in a workshop who owns one and is happy with it. I had never even heard of this brand. It doesn't have a separate station. Considering the size of my workspace and the usual surface clutter, an iron with a smaller footprint is a good thing. I did way too much research before buying this and found that no two people seemed to like the same iron, so I decided to go with my classmate's recommendation. So far, so good.

  11. Thank you Aryana. Unfortunately my irons were not within the guarantee limit so I didn't even try to return them but glad you were able to have your iron replaced.

    Hey Floris! Great to hear from you. The Reliable sounds interesting. I am aware of that brand and in fact they have a manufacturing plant for one of their products in my area. An iron with a small footprint sounds like a great solution for tight working spaces.

  12. in need of a good solid steam iron too...will be waiting for your updates before I take the leap...thanks

  13. Hey Karen! My little Pink Steampunk is puffing right along. Will post again soon to update everyone. I appreciate your dropping by.

  14. Hello, Where can I find this iron? It seems to be out of stock everywhere. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately this iron is no longer being manufactured. The one I have is still working perfectly. It has turned out to have been a good purchase.