Friday, April 13, 2012

Deadline for Textiles In A Tube 2 is Approaching

Work by Susan Lenz

The deadline for entries for Textiles In A Tube 2 is May 4th. You can get a prospectus for this fun and challenging show at:

The 2011 inaugural show presented beautiful and inventive work by artists from around the US and Europe. The pictured work by Susan Lenz was one of three pieces she created for the show. Each piece featured a basket with unique objects. This basket held to overflowing leaves made of felted and manipulated fibers. Susan made the baskets in flexible materials so that everything fitted into the shipping tube as required for the show.

I hope you will take the challenge!

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  1. i followed the breadcrumbs here through the interforest from Christine Mauersberger's blog - and i'm glad i did, that basket is rather wonderful

  2. Thank you for letting me know! I so appreciate Christine dropping those crumbs and your following them!

    Yes, the basket was full. Susan created 3 very beautifully conceived and executed pieces and each one fitted nicely in a tube.

    I'll bet you have all sorts of beautiful things that would fit in a 3" x 36" tube! ;-) Great to have you here.