Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Fix Is In

New Thread Guide - Sideview

If you read my last post you know that I had indulged in some necessary quick repair on my Weekender quilting machine.  Several people wrote and suggested I could use a fishing line guide as a replacement for the repair I had made.  These guides are manufactured for fishing poles to keep the fishing line on the rod.  I followed your suggestions and you can see the above results.

The line guides came in a pack of three, each a slightly different size and there was even a stick of special glue.  The glue works really well.  You heat the glue stick, apply a dab, heat the guide and quickly put it in place.  I did manage to place the guide a little lower on the face than I wanted but it is working nicely.  At this point the machine is sewing a nice stitch without going through the top hook on the needle shaft.  If it becomes an issue, I'll redo the placement of the guide.

In dealing with this I refreshed my knowledge of what kinds of machines are being sold these days for short, mid or longarm quilting.  As I mentioned in the previous article,  these machines are much more complicated and expensive than when they first became popular.  They also have many features which should lead to easier and more successful results.

I am very interested to know about your experiences with the equipment you use for quilting.  If you are willing to answer a few questions about your specific machine I'd like to hear from you.  The information I receive will then be compiled into and an article.  All responses will be kept confidential and no names will be published.

Here are the questions:

 1.  What brand and model of machine do you have? (please tell us the arm size)
 2.  Why did you buy this specific machine?
 3.  What did your machine costs?
 4.  How long have you had the machine?
 5.  What type frame do you use for the machine if it requires a frame?
 6.  What features have been most useful?
 7.  What features have been least useful?
 8.  Is there any feature you wish you had?  This can be something that is available or not.
 9.  Have you had any serious mechanical or computer issues with your setup?
10. Would you buy the same equipment again?
11. Would you recommend your machine and frame to your friends?

If you wish to make a brief statement about your experience that isn't covered in the questions, please do so.

Please send your responses to by December 16th and I'll get right to work.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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