Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fine Art Center Residency - Day 6

This student is actually doing a repair job on an old dress form.  The form is sometimes used for display purposes but I believe the student will learn just from performing this service to her school.

Yesterday was day 6 of my residency at the Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC.  The event continues to be productive and enjoyable.  I have been able to create two completed compositions which I will finish
at home and discovered a surface technique I really appreciate.

Design student putting the finishing touches on a plaster carving.

The design studio and the metals studio are both just across the hallway from my work area.  This is the end of their semester and the studios have a buzz of activity.  The seniors are working on portfolios for college applications and everyone else is just photographing work and finishing up final projects.

Pictured here are students waiting for class to begin.

I haven't said much about the other areas of the school but there are classrooms and professional quality practice rooms and dance studios upstairs.  Because my work area is just off the open atrium, I hear everything,  The sounds might be the drum class, the jazz guitarist, pianos, grinders, tumblers from the metals class etc.  These sounds escape as doors are opened and closed.  I'm always aware when classes change as the enpty atrim fills up with students, book bags and friendly banter. 

Today I have a group of artists who will be visiting and I plan to start a new piece.  I have used up all of some of my surface design materials so I'll be digging into my fabric bins to see what I can find.  


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