Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fine Arts Center Residency - Day 5 - Alien Creature Startles Artist

I wast startled today to look up and see an alien creature headed my way down the hall.  Happily it turned out to be one of the students having some fun with his safety gear.

Today I focused on squaring up the piece I composed last week and making some new fabric.

I have 3 work tables and my design wall.  Feels like home.  The light is great and I am in the middle of all the action.

This trio of students came by to see what I was doing today.  We ended up digging through some of the containers of fabrics I took as "backup" in case I needed something other than the fabrics I'm making this week.  They were an enthusiastic audience.


Thank you for spending time at 
Studio 24-7.
I have 4 more days of my residency.
Keep your fingers crossed as it's all gone Great so far.
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  1. The photo of the "alien" made me laugh.

    I really love the pieces you're working on. The colors are amazing!

  2. I am simply adoring this series of posts. And the new composition is exciting!

  3. I love the new work and the young smiling faces! Embrace the moment! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Thank you all so much! The residency continues to be a great experience in ways I did not envision. xo, T

  5. LOVE the new pieces you are working on. I am a sucker for black and white and all the grays in between. How are you thinking of quilting them?

    1. Hi Judy. I need time to just look and study the work before I make that decision. Never an easy decision.