Monday, September 2, 2013

The Bride of Frankenstein Resurrected

Resurrected Bride of Frankenstein press book.

I'm thinking there may be some of my readers who think I'm writing today about returning from a  week at the spa.  Actually this is much more interesting.

My daughter-in-law, Katie Dimond, works for Poster Mountain a well known and revered company in Los Angeles which restores vintage movie posters.  Movie posters are very collectable with all the wonderful graphics featuring famous actors as well as famous characters. Like many types of collectables, they often have a rough life and sustain damage.  This company comes to the rescue and can perform all types of repairs from tears, folds, previous bad repairs, missing parts, faded areas or stabilizing the entire piece.

In addition to the beautiful company site linked above, they also have a blog which you can access HERE.  Katie is one of the artists that focuses on painting but she has just recently taken over the responsibility of the company blog. The documentation of the work done on The Bride of Frankenstein press book is her first posting.  

If you are one of the millions of people who collect prints, photography or posters you may own items that are in need of attention.  In any event I encourage you to pop on over and see the excellent photographic documentation of the restoration of this item and read Katie's informative and fun commentary.

Just to give you an idea of what amazing work they do, here is part of the poster before it was repaired. You can see some scrapes, and tears.

Pictured here are John Davis, owner of Poster Mountain, and Melissa who was the primary artist working on this project.  What you are seeing is the back of the poster.

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  1. I don't mind saying that the whole process there was quite interesting. I had no idea that services like this even existed. And I love vintage posters of most any sort. Also, the irony of the restoration and assemblage of a Frankenstein movie was not lost on me. LOL!

    I have started following your blog again after an absence. Very happy to see that you are still blogging and that the posts are both thoughtful and informative, as always.

    Thanks again,
    Libby Fife

    1. Thank you so much Libby. Great to have you back. It is amazing all the things there are in this world that we never think of until we have a need or someone close to us is involved etc.

      The restoration process is very detailed indeed. Imagine the pressure working on valuable art. Guess you have to have nerves of steel. xo, T