Monday, March 9, 2015

Passport To The Arts A Big Success

Drawing by Clemson Alum, Geo Sipp.
Lee Gallery, Clemson University

This was the fourth year for Passport To The Arts a fundraiser for The Art Center in Clemson, SC.  This year they sold out of tickets for this unique event.

The OLLI Center featured a showing of work by art students
at Clemson University

Each ticket holder receives a passport which allows them to ride between exhibitions of art around town.  This year the venues were Lee Gallery at Clemson University, The Bus Terminal for the Clemson Area Transportation Department, The Art Center of Clemson, and the Osher Life Learning Center which is at Patrick Square.  Each location has art, refreshments and music.  In addition to this, each of the buses has entertainment for the riders.  We heard some wonderful poetry and two singer-musicians on the buese. Here are a few shots of the event.

The CAT Bus terminal was lots of fun with an opportunity for art making on
a large scale.

Poet Tony Click read his poetry to riders of one
of the CAT buses. 

The OLLI Center featured a nice three piece jazz combo to
entertain people while they viewed the art.

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