Monday, March 16, 2015

What Does It Take to Keep Working

This weekend I attended a birthday party and exhibition for an artist friend who was turning 90 years old.  This is the third such celebration I have attended this year.  

I hope to do a full article on this artist soon so I will keep the identity to myself for now but seeing the work was very inspiring.

So many people give up on their creative pursuits.  They drop by the wayside for many reasons.   What does it take to be one of those who continues to create:  desire, drive, good health, luck, support of family and friends, all of these things.  Making art is not easy.  Most of us do it because we are born "makers" and aren't happy if we aren't in the studio.

Part of the party Saturday was an exhibition of work by this particular artist.  The work had been produced over the last 20-30 years including about 10+ new pieces made during the last 18 months.  I loved seeing the older work next to the new and recognize the brush stroke of this mature painter in all of the paintings.  

Our culture is so youth oriented that older people are often overlooked while in some cultures they are revered.  Look around.  You may be blesses with some very interesting and creative people who have entered the realm of senior citizen.  Enjoy them.  Learn from them.

Congratulations to my friend on such an impressive accomplishment.

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  1. Terry - I'm looking forward to reading the full article of this artist. I agree that we can learn so much from older artists and older people in general.

    1. Thank you Mia. I spoke with him this week and we are trying to make time for the interview.