Saturday, August 8, 2015

Do You Enjoy the Work of Gerhard Richter?

Cage Grid II, Part C - Gerhard Richter (2011) -

This morning I received an email from a website titled Artsy.  I was not familiar with the site but it is dedicated to art collecting and education about artists giving people a way to see a very broad sample of work as well as bios, articles and exhibition information.

One of their sites is dedicated to one of my favorite artist, Gerhard Richter and I was very impressed with the depth and scoop of his work represented there.

Here is a link:

I wrote about my interest in Richter's work here at Studio 24-7 June of 2010: 

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  1. Gerhard Richter is one of my favorite artists,too. Last year was a great show at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel and about half a year earlier, an other smaller one in Winterthur, both in Switzerland. Before Winterthur Richter had a big retrospctive in Berlin, where two of my friends just run in to!! They did not know him before...., I got to see the catalog, only,sad,sad...
    I love the way he uses color and applies paint to his works and the structur he achievs. Some of his paintings are realistic but then blurred, this shows his knowlegde in painting he learnd in Eastern Germany.
    The following link is an Interview from the Guardian prior his show at the TateModern: . There is also an DVD Gerhard Richter Painting by Corinna Belz, showing him at work.

    1. Thank you for all the wonderful info and links. I have never seen any of his work in person. Hope to do so.

    2. He shows in the States every now and then, but you'd probably have to travel some...
      Even so I have to travel to quiltshows quite a bit, I got several great art museums within an hour or two of travelling.

  2. I do enjoy Gerhard Richter's artwork! Thank you and Cacilia for sharing the links and information. I love learning more about him and his artwork.