Monday, June 27, 2016

Encaustic Workshop At Cullowhee Mountain Arts

Supplies generously donated by R&F Encaustic for the workshop.

Yesterday I returned home from a week of study at Cullowhee Mountain Arts at Western Carolina University with Lisa Pressman.  The class was an advanced encaustic painting class.  It was informative, fun, and very satisfying.  

I have had a desire to make progress in this medium for a couple of years and I finally have enough information to begin the process in ernest.  I highly recommend Lisa as a teacher and as a person.  She is willing to spend personal time with you answering questions and concerns and also willing to give honest and thoughtful feedback on what you are doing and how to improve your work both technically and aesthetically.  

Class exercise

This is an example of a class exercise which involved drawing directly on an unwaxed cradled board, adding  medium and then white paint.  The piece was taken further after these processes. During the class I began perhaps 10 boards and will be evaluating them to see what they need over the next weeks.

Lisa Pressman

On the last morning of class we presented the work for everyone to view.  Everyone was invited to see the best work from each class member.  There were many supportive comments from the class and guidance from Lisa.

My best to everyone in the class and many thanks to Lisa for another great class!


  1. Would love to see your work. I don't know much about the medium, but that is a beautiful array of colors in the first photo!

    1. I may post some work next week. While I know the direction I want to take this I want to be careful about the work I present as I start this new direction. The encaustic paint is amazing. The technique is tricky but will just take some time to polish my skills. Thanks for commenting!